Tiny with tea
Tiny Pang
Jill of All Trades, Master of Some


Tiny is a small lady living in Sydney, Australia. She is currently a senior data scientist at Canva. Tiny graduated from the University of Sydney with majors in pure mathematics and first class honours in computer science. She completed a year of machine learning research and worked on audio features and music representation in deep learning.

Tiny enjoys crafting and consuming fine food and drink, and is currently performing experiments in search of the perfect gelato. She loves warm and soft things, like cats and knitted jumpers, and appreciates a good board-game.

An explorer at heart, Tiny is fond of the outdoors and staying fit. When the weather is warm, Tiny goes snorkelling as often as she can. She enjoys running and cycling as well as caving, squash, badminton and other sports.

Tiny loves a good puzzle and is constantly trying to figure out how everything around her works. She is very analytical and although she is a terrible artist, she still loves merging her imagination with good analysis to create cool stuff.

Above all, Tiny enjoys learning and trying new things the most, and is addicted to the acquisition of knowledge. From obscure hobbies to strange foods to simply improving her existing skills, Tiny wants to do it all and give it her all.

She can usually be found scouring local and international news and magazines for the happenings across the world, or out eating something delicious whilst enjoying the sunshine with friends.